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Academic Purchases, Classroom Streaming and Purchase Orders

Middle and High School $89

This Academic Rights DVD is 69 minutes, has English subtitles, divided into chapters, and includes a classroom discussion guide and relevant and engaging lessons (listed below).  Academic reviews are also listed below.  TEACHERS ask your school librarian or department chair to order Mother for your classroom! Purchase order information below.

University/College with PPR $195

This Academic Rights DVD is 69 minutes, has English subtitles, divided into chapters, and includes a classroom discussion guide and relevant and engaging lessons (listed below).  Academic reviews are also listed below. Purchase order information is also below.

Classroom Streaming 

Classroom Streaming is a 5 year renewable license.  By itself  the cost is $200 and with the purchase of a University DVD the total price is $295.  Contact us for more information

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Contact Us if you need more information.  Academic orders are usually shipped within 2-3 business days. We are ready to quickly fill out any New Vendor forms and submit our W-9 to your accounting office via Email and Fax.  TAF Productions has been distributing films to schools for over 10 years. 

Academic Reviews and
Professor Testimonials

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Library Journal - *Recommended - Read review
School Library Journal - *Recommended ​​​- Read review
Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) – *Recommended - Read review
Science Magazine - *Recommended - Read review
Booklist Online - *Recommended - Read Review
Green Teacher Magazine - *Recommended - Read Review
If you don't see a link to a review please check the Press Kit for a full hard copy of all reviews
Read Review in Science Oct. 28 2011

"I assigned "Mother" as required viewing for an introductory biology class that uses the perspective of evolutionary ecology to consider the biology of humans and our relationship to the rest of the biosphere.  Students needed no arm-twisting to watch the film, and they successfully handled questions about it on my exam.  I recently spoke to a group of students at orientation.  The older students were advising the younger ones to take this elective course, and I took the opportunity to poll them about "Mother."  Their reaction was immediate and unanimous approval:  the film was strong, and it made them confront issues about which they had been ignorant.  They appreciated that the tone went beyond "doom and gloom" to consider the positive directions that emerge from education and empowerment."

​-James D. Thomson, Professor
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
University of Toronto

“The movie presents a hopeful view of the future of humanity against overwhelming odds. This is not an apocalyptic view, with the typical horsemen -- disease, famine, war. This is a focus on slowing the birth rate rather than increasing the death rate. It is a story of women from patriarchal societies standing up against tradition and gaining control of their fertility, and of women in this country making family planning decisions based on a worldview that escapes the religious pressures of their mothers. After screening the movie I asked the viewers to choose between three statements which was the most true to them. (1) Overpopulation is not a problem. (2) Overpopulation is a problem, but it can be solved. (3) Overpopulation is a problem but it cannot be solved. All of the people in the room, having just seen "Mother", chose (2).  I then told them about Global Population Speak-Out and invited them to pledge. Two students have pledged so far.”
 -Chris Bystroff
Associate Prof of Biology, Computer Science
Director, Program in Bioinformatics & Molecular Biology
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"We purchased Mother with Academic/PPR rights for use in our University library. The  buying process was one of the easiest I've encountered: we paid through faxed purchase order and received our DVD extremely quickly. Customer service was excellent as well, with less than 24-hour turnaround. We would definitely buy from Tiroir A Films again."
 -Rick Brown
Library Technical Assistant
Cumberland University / Vise Library

"Hosting Mother at CU was a thrill and an honor. We had participants ranging from ages 11-81; bringing youth and their parents, university students and faculty, and members of the broader Boulder community together to view the film, hear from its creators, and have a focused and enlightening discussion on the population dilemma in our world today.  I would highly recommend hosting a Mother event at your school, church, or living room -it brings on laughter, tears, and, most of all, thought and awareness!"

​​-Colleen Scanlan Lyons, screening organizer

Associate Director, Center for the Study of Conflict,

Collaboration, and Creative Governance, University of Colorado at Boulder

"I thought the film was outstanding. It addressed the problems of overpopulation in terms that were plain, human and understandable."

-Dr. Albert Bartlett
Professor Emeritus, Physics CU Boulder

8 Engaging Lessons on Population

Population Lessons and Readings on the Academic DVD​

These lessons tend to fall in three categories:
1) Understanding population dynamics, such as the history of world pop growth, age distribution, trends and projections, etc.
2) Connections between population pressures, resource use and environmental health
3) Connections between population pressures and societal trends such as girls’ status, poverty, development, public health, etc.

Included in the Academic DVD are the following lesson plans, activities and readings:

  1. Earth: The Apple of Our Eye:  It’s a quick demonstration that serves as a discussion starter on land use (especially arable land).​

  2. Population Circle: This is a good visualization of how rapidly the world population has grown over the past century.​

  3. Food for Thought: It’s a global simulation where students are divided into different world regions according to population distribution.  They then compare stats for demographics, resource use, education and public health using different props.​

  4. Everything is Connected: Students create a concept map examining the cause and effect relationships between population growth and a host of environmental and economic topics.  As they create the web, students can really see how population pressures impact so many aspects of our lives. ​

  5. Lessons for Life:  Focuses on the importance of girls’ education.​

  6. A Girl’s Life:  Examines the role of education for girls, it also introduces older students to issues of child marriage, women’s work, pregnancy and motherhood in less developed countries.​

  7. The People Connection is high school level reading that will give your students a base knowledge of demographic trends and related issues.​

  8. Seven Billion and Counting is middle school level reading that will give your students a base knowledge of demographic trends and related issues.

To find out more about Mother
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