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  • DVD Media: DVD-R

  • Lengths: 69 min 

  • Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo

  • Standard: NTSC

  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, French 

  • Chapters: yes

  • DVD Region Code: 0 

What people say about Mother

Mother is an aptly named film that brings home how hopeful the  connection of population and the planet really is. This movie shows,  lyrically, that as we learn to move beyond the domination of women,  humanity can then move beyond the domination of nature and gain a  chance for long habitation on Mother Earth."

-Robert Engleman, 

President of the Worldwatch Institute


"Mother is an excellent humanist film that urges humanity to work together as “one human family, connected in our challenges, connected in our solutions” to challenge oppressive systems through inter-connected social movements that demand social justice and ecological responsibility."

-Review: Kayley Whalen - Read here

American Humanist Association


"Mother is a must-see film on why population growth still matters and what is hindering action to reduce it."
-Hania Zlotnik, Director of Population Division,

United Nations

"Mother is a loving, thoughtful, visually striking treatment of one of our biggest questions, both personal and planetary. It hooks you, holds you -- and leaves you genuinely hoping."
-Alan Weisman
Author, The World Without Us

​"The film compellingly argues that a fair and just solution is likely to only be found in a complete refocusing of our priorities and societies. Specifically, we must value diversity, human and biological, over the gross national product and human solidarity over competition. Although Fauchere does not show us how to get to this point, Mother leaves viewers with a ray of hope that humanity has the potential to reach such a state. It will also convince them that to do so we must not be afraid to reengage with the population issue and that the time for such renewed engagement is now."
-Review: Science Magazine - Read here
Sacha Vignieri,


"Mother: Caring for 7 Billion is a beautifully crafted and unique film that dispels the myths from business leaders and government that we can grow forever, consume ever more, and that the planet is our infinite dumping ground. The film makes it clear that by ignoring the facts and continuing a course of business as usual, we are endangering our future on this planet.   I am so happy to see a courageous film that deals with population in both a sober and hopeful way.   Mother is a must see for anyone interested in saving our planet and humanity."
-Paul R. Ehrlich
Professor Stanford University

"The many faces of population have not been responsibly and respectfully explored...until now.  'Mother: Caring for 7 Billion' is a film that elegantly, deftly, and respectfully shows how that happens. It is a courageous effort to awaken us to the population crisis slowly suffocating Mother Earth and the individual, very personal motherhood crises facing millions of women and hundreds of societies in which girls, families, babies, and nations deal unsuccessfully with overcrowding, deprivation, birth-related illnesses and death.  Mother's thesis is that education, healthcare, and respect for women and girls can rescue the planet and individual females from the indefensible burden of childhood pregnancy, endemic poverty, and stunning rates of maternal mortality."

​-Ellen V. Moore
Amnesty International USA Board Of Directors

​"I've watched Mother several times over the past six months, and each time I feel moved to discuss the issues it brings up, because they go to the heart of our overpopulation program: considering the larger impacts of adding more and more humans to this planet."
- Amy Harwood
Center for Biological Diversity

"Mother finds an interesting and entertaining way to talk about  a critical issue that should be in everyone's agenda. The film has also a caring point of view and a constructive perspective.  It  inspires new thoughts about our living style and challenges us to change."
-Carolina Crerar
World Bank 

"Documentarian Christophe Fauchere, in his film Mother: Caring for 7 Billion, seeks to instill in us the proverbial fear of God that was missing from the flip news coverage. His documentary takes a penetrating look at overpopulation, what fuels it and why the world has become complacent about the conveys its message in an engaging, visually immersive style that finds just the right balance between hard facts and ordinary human involvement."

​-Frank Kaminski - Read here

Blogger Resilience

"One hour of your life, and one film, could make you see your role in the world differently."​

-Review: Dr. Scarlett McNally​ - Read here

Blogger and Member of Council of Royal College of Surgeons


"Mother: Caring for 7 Billion, does a marvelous job of drawing the not-so-obvious connection between caring for mothers and caring for Mother Earth. It's a powerful and hopeful message."
​-Huffington Post - Read here 

Robert J. Walker, President, 

The Population Institute​​


​"The connection between population growth and environmental degradation seems clear enough – the more people there are, the more greenhouse gases are emitted and the more resources are consumed."

-NY Times - Read here
Mireya Navarro,

 New York Times


"I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to preview "Mother: Caring for 7 Billion"...Its a fascinating documentary. 

-Review: Jill Buck - Listen here

host of the Go Green Radio Show

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