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Our dependence on cheap and abundant fossil fuels has been feeding the engine of our economic system for the past 200 years. Although fossil fuels have lifted modern civilizations to new heights, prosperity has come at a tremendous price. By going back in time The Great Squeeze takes us on a journey through history when past civilizations made the same mistake of growing too fast, depleting their natural resources and ultimately collapsing. Instead of the usual band-aid approaches, The Great Squeeze challenges us to learn from history and transition towards a more sustainable economy that values our environment.

Released in March 2009, The Great Squeeze was selected at 14 film festivals around the world and won two awards for best documentary. It features the environmental heavy weights Richard Heinberg, Edward O. Wilson, Lester Brown, Alexandra Cousteau, Jim White, Howard Kunstler and many more. 

Purchase the film below.  Currently only the Academic/PPR DVD is available

DVD specifications:
Format: widescreen, zone 0 (will play worldwide),
Language: English with optional English, French and Spanish subtitles
Length: 67 min +  a bonus documentary that traces the rebirth and transformation of Greensburg, Kansas.   On May 4th, 2007, 95% of the town of Greensburg Kansas was destroyed by an EF5 tornado. In the aftermath, conservative farmers and ranchers joined with environmentalists to rebuild Greensburg as a model green community.  In choosing to rebuild its community with sustainable design and a reliance on renewable energy, this conservative town made a 180-degree turn and overnight became an example of a transition town.


"It is a great piece of work. I give it 5 stars."
Lester Brown - founder of the Worldwatch Institute and president of the Earth Policy Institute


The Great Squeeze” comes down solidly on the side not only of the truth of global warming but of the existing crisis of the environment on many fronts, and it does so in a remarkably anthropological way. (read more) 
Eller, Jack David - Anthropology Review Database


"The Great Squeeze is a remarkable film, visually evocative, intellectually stimulating, emotionally engaging. It brings our current crises to life at the same time highlighting a path to a better future. I highly recommend it."
Riane Eisler - Sociologist & Best-selling author


"Individual happiness has not increased along with our wealth and waste, with business as usual leading down the road to advanced environmental collapse. The public performance versions offer a bonus short film and extended interviews with additional experts. This film is an articulate reminder of the urgent need to mandate lifestyle changes to try to save ourselves. Both DVDs are recommended for general audiences interested in environmental and energy issues."
David R. Conn, Surrey - Library Journal


“The film provides a worthwhile summary of the key challenges and the links between them.”
Carol Smith - United Nations University


“Sure to help strengthen awareness of an escalating situation, this is recommended ”
J. Wadland, Video Librarian Magazine - (July-August 2009)


"Largely due to its impressive array of intellectual muscle, the film presents its points in a very balanced and scientific way … Well worth a watch." 
Kristin Sponsler - Energy Bulletin 


"While many viewers would be fascinated with the scientific research of the film, I was fascinated with their psychology, that is, questions of how it is that humanity has arrived at this place in its history." (read more) 
Carolyn Baker - Speaking Truth to Power


"...the film does a great job of crystallizing this message, explaining exactly what we've been doing wrong and how it's affected the planet ...
Julie Littman for Sierra Club - The Green Life (read more)


"The value and candor of this documentary cannot be understated. 
Highly recommended ."
Michael J. Coffta, Business Librarian, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania


"The better documentaries are expressions of some epiphany by the filmmaker - a Big Deal urgently needing to be conveyed to a larger audience. All too often that central idea is only half-glimpsed. The Great Squeeze comes to us wholly formed. The issues it presents are systemic and existential. They are core to our human self-concept. And yet, what the film is telling us is both unfamiliar and unwelcome. That all of this is carried through cinematically, leaving us still a glimmer of hope at the end, is profound. You will walk away changed." 
Albert Bates - instructor in permaculture & natural building


Broadcast on the CBC Documentary Channel in 2011


Winner Best Long Form Documentary 

Festival de Cine Ecologico y de la Naturaleza de Canarias, Spain 2009


Winner Best Feature 

Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Golden 2009


2 Merit Awards for Scientific Content and Educational Value – Montana 

Cine International Film Festival 2009


GOOD PLANET’s Environmental festival during the COP15 in Copenhagen

Danish Film Institute, Dec 11th 2009


Silver Lei Award for Excellence – Honolulu International Film Festival 2010


Official Selections

ECU - The European Independent Film Festival, Paris  2009 

Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC 2009

Festival International du Film d'Environnement, Paris  2009

Planète Honnête, France 2009 

Emision Cero Madrid 2009

Festival Internacional de Cinema Del Medi Ambient,  Barcelona 2009

International Audiovisual Festival of Biodiversity, Rome 2010


CinemAmbiente International Environmental Film Festival, Italy 2009

Ciclo de Cine Ambiental World Bank Buenas Aires 2010

Projecting Change Film Festival,Vancouver, Canada 2010

Durango Independent Film Festival, Colorado 2009

Reel Earth, New Zealand 2009

Green Film Festival Seoul  2009

Yilan Green International Film Festival, Taiwan 2009

Guangzhou International Documentary Festival, China 

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