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This award-winning documentary exposes the problems associated with our current fossil fuel economy and also goes the next step to showcase concrete solutions for those who want to educate themselves and be part of the solution. The film features passionate individuals, entrepreneurs, experts and scientists at the forefront of their field. Energy Crossroads has been praised and recommended by scientists, educators and the public at large as one of the most comprehensive films on the current state of our fossil fuel economy.

- Feature Length: 55 minutes
- Bonus materials (standard): 7 min. documentary
- Bonus materials (Academic/PPR): 50 min. (documentaries, interviews) lesson plans & eco-facts sheet
- Language Tracks: English (optional English subtitles) , Spanish track & Portuguese (subtitles only)

Purchase the Academic/PPR DVD used in Project Lead the Way $79.95
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Public performance policy:

Because of the different conditions and needs that people have in showing "Energy Crossroads" in a public setting, we decided to combine our public performance rights with the DVD version for the educational market. By buying this DVD ($79.95) it gives you and your organization the right to show the film publicly in a non-theatrical setting as many time as you want, as long as no admission is charged. These gatherings are normally found in locations such as schools, libraries, and civic institutions. This educational DVD has an extra hour of bonus materials, which includes a 25 minutes documentary produced in 1974 soon after the 1973 oil embargo, extended interviews, lesson plans for 6-12th grade, an Eco-facts sheet, a jpeg file from the poster of the film (11X17) and the 2 mini documentaries from the standard version (Cuba's Peak Oil and Steve Andrews "Green Home").

Thank you. 

Tiroir A Films Productions

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